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Genuine Iveco and FPT engine parts Ifparts is specialized in Iveco and FPT engine parts. By supplying genuine Iveco and FPT engines and parts with highest standards, our products will secure your company activities. We have a dedicated stock of FPT engine parts to supply our clients within shortest possible time.

What is a "CANADA FPT" Deposit? - Financial Wisdom Forum


I look after my in-laws banking. Today, a deposit ($459.26) showed up in her TD account identified as "CANADA FPT". I have no idea what it is - she already received her income tax refund (it was identified as "CANADA RIT"); I know it's not a quarterly GST rebate; and I think it's too early for the Ontario HST bribe money.

Education - Family Planning Tasmania


Family Planning Tasmania provides professional learning programs throughout the year. As part of the Family Planning Alliance Australia we are able to provide the latest best practice information, supported by current research. FPT is able to provide tailored workshops to meet the Read more



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As one of the world’s leading producers of diesel engines, FPT is quickly gaining a reputation as a trusted provider of diesel engines to OEMs in North America. With horsepower ranging from 60 to 500, Northern Power Products proudly offers a variety of FPT diesel engines built into Grizzly Industrial Power Units for every application.

FPT Cleveland - Ferrous Processing & Trading


FPT Cleveland is a location of Ferrous Processing and Trading that features a public scale and processing of ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal.

FPT Group

Service Company

FPT, former The Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology, is the largest information technology service company in Vietnam with its core business focusing on the provision of ICT-related services. According to the United Nations Development Programme, it was the 14th largest company in Vietnam in 2007. According to Vietnam Report 2012, this was the 3rd biggest enterprise in Vietnam. The criterion for the Vietnam Report’s ranking is those with private equity of 51% or more. In 2018, FPT's revenue reached VND 23,214 billion, an increase of 17% compared to 2017; Pre-tax profit reached 3,858, up 31% compared to 2017. Revenue and profit from foreign markets grew high, respectively up 27% and 35% year-on-year.

Fiat Powertrain Technologies


Fiat Powertrain Technologies was established in March 2005 as a Fiat Group division which included all the activities related to powertrains and transmissions. The company was formed following the dissolution of the alliance between Fiat and General Motors.

FPT Software

Outsourcing Company

FPT Software is a global IT services and outsourcing company headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a subsidiary of FPT Corporation, a multinational technology conglomerate. Founded in 1999, it is by 2019 the biggest software services company in Vietnam, with generated revenue in 2018 of $370 million and workforce of 16,000 employees. FPT Software's services includes Analytics, IoT, Mobility, Cloud, Embedded System, Q&A testing, Legacy Migration, Package Implementation, Application Service, and BPO services. It has more than 27 offices in 16 countries. Most of its employees are based in Vietnam, accounting for more than 80% of the work force. Its major markets are Japan, United States, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, France and South Korea.